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After the completion of the treatise Atmadarsini Smt. Surya Kantam has started to compose the entire subject of the knowledge of the Self into Kirtanas titled Jnana sudha, from Oct. 2000, to assist the aspirants to be in the constant absorbed contemplation, though their body is involved in their daily routine. This act of composing is nothing but a prompt of God. She herself has composed the music to her lyrics and she herself sang them and recorded them accompanied by Dhulipala Srinivas (veena), D.Nagaraaju (flute) Nemani Somayajulu (mridangam), Peri sreeramamurty (violin), and Pandu ranga (sitaara), the radio artists of Akasavani, Hyderabad and Karra. Subramanyam (Tabala).

She has composed more than 60 songs so far and 28 out of them are recorded and are available in cassettes and CD s, which are allowed to listen and down load freely from the internet.


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Rs 50/- + Postal charges Extra


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