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Calendar of sentences of knowledge
The final practice of salvation is to think of and to pronounce constantly the sentences of knowledge and not to think of and pronounce the sentences of ignorance. To facilitate the aspirants to recollect and to pronounce the sentences of knowledge constantly, the trust provided a calendar of sentences of knowledge.


Calendar of meditation
By seeing the calendar of meditation on the walls constantly, the minds of the aspirants can absorb in the state of contemplation. There by, for the advantage of the aspirants the trust provided a calendar of meditation.


Lord Krishna’s calendar
A Portrait of Lord Krishna, which was adored by the author of Atmadarsini and Manasa Brindavanam, is provided in the form of calendar to make the devotion put forth in the aspirants and to make them deserving to plunge in the showers of the benignity of the Lord.


Book of Ahambrahmasmi koti
Meditation is a means to Jiva to absorb in the dominion of salvation, where as the act of writing the spell of Ahambrahmasmi in repetition is a means to Jiva to absorb in the dominion of contemplation of the Supreme Spirit.


Visiting Card-01
The extract of the entire philosophy is abridged into three sentences in the form of visiting card, to facilitate the aspirants follow the subject at every where and every time.


Visiting Card-02
Righteousness itself is the base and means of the practice of salvation. To prompt the aspirants at all times in keeping themselves in righteousness this visiting card is printed and rendered to the aspirants.


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