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It is already known to the readers that the first part of Atmadarsini has been rendered to the people desirous of salvation in 1999 itself, having discussed the entire Sastra to an extent needed to attain salvation. From then onwards the entire philosophy, which is shaped as Atmadarsini-1 has been being dispensed to the people through discourses. But the aspirants seem to go the wrong way in respect of their practice. They are deluding that visiting the ashrams and the saints, collecting the spiritual books, cassettes, and C.Ds of audio and video, listening to the discourses and participating in the meditation are only the practice of salvation. But these are all only the means of disclosing the ways of practice of salvation.

The aspirants are performing their practice, having renounced the actual field of practice and actual opportunities of practice. They are not realising that the life of predestination and the life of house holder itself is the substantial field of practice. Following freely the errors like expectation of fruit, selfishness, deceiving, untruth, injury and so on, having forgotten their own duty, people are performing the practice of salvation supposing that the life is apart from the spiritual practice.

To make the real practiser awake from the hearts of such people and to bring about the real sense in them towards the field of practice and the ways of practice, a trail is undertaken and is rendered to the people in the form of Atmadarsini-2 To the practisers, who are having real understanding towards the constant practice, who have been practicing the thought of Brahman for a long time waiting for the final emancipation, some insinuations are rendered so as to fix themselves firmly in the absorbed contemplation of the Supreme Spirit, as the final practice.

A deep discussion on the entire act of meditations is done in the Atmadarsini-2.The topics like why duel meditation is incapable and the non duel meditation is capable in bestowing the salvation are substantiated in the treatise. Further the methods of non duel meditation of all stages are exhorted along with visual aids.

Further the first part of Atmadarsini has discussed the entire Sastra thoroughly. The second part of Atmadarsini has exerted in making the practiser enter into the practical observation. There by, having studied from end to end the first part like theory and the second part like practical, and having practiced, the aspirants may obtain final emancipation in this present life itself.


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