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To the mankind of the 21st century this treatise of ‘Theology’ is a guide and a path of light. The chief intension of this book is to recompose the Sastras, making them convenient and present to the mankind, so that the material life and the spiritual practice may mix with each other, just as the milk with water. This book wrote all the established paths of practice duly redesigned and presented to the mankind to enable them reach the destination, baring their life burden, without renouncing their routine life style, without changing their daily routine and with no necessity of any particular practice. This book is an entire abbreviated and consolidated form of the knowledge. This composition is written in such a style, so that the aspirant can enjoy the face to face teaching with the writer. The subject is expounded using the illustrations of present mechanical and computerised age. This treatise is an entire interpretation of all the philosophical treatises. The whole essential nature of the Self and the entire paths of practice are brought together. Having connected all those paths of practice with each other, the only one consolidated complete path of practice, viz. “Living in the supposition of Ahambrahmasmi’ is rendered to the aspirants desirous of salvation, through this treatise.

The following main topics have been dealt in the Atmadarsini-1.

The substratum of this universe - The essential nature of Brahman - The relation between Maya and Brahman - How does this visible universe come into existence from the un manifest, formless, and all pervading Brahman - What is this visible universe made of - The relation between three qualities, viz. Sattva, Rajas and Tamas and the Maya - How does the inert bodies are made to function - The innate nature of the indwelling Self of all beings - How does the existence of Jiva come into this universe - who is Jiva, how does Maya Superimposes the Jiva and how the Jiva is bound to it - What is meant by Bondage and how is it constituting? - what are called impressions and how they are binding the Jiva - The universe is nothing but a delightful play of God-The journey of Jiva after death until his rebirth - The cosmic dissolutions and the eternity of the causal body, results of actions and impressions as well as Jiva - The substantiation of various suppositions on the creation - The indwelling consciousness of Brahman of all beings is the ‘I’ - The identity of the Self with the congress of non - Self itself is the delightful play of God in the universe - What is meant by emancipation? - The Excellency of the human birth.

Kriya yoga and Taraka yoga - Deserving practiser and competent preceptor

The action - action and in action - The cycle of birth and action - The secret of yoga of action - do all the good deeds become yoga - How the worships and religious vows are binding the Jiva - Does the action causes bondage - Is the action means to salvation -Impending results of actions, accumulated results of actions and predestination - How does the action becomes indirect means of salvation - The necessity of the performance of the acts of sacrifices - renunciation of action - once own duty-actions, results and expiations.

What is meant by devotion - The necessity of the devotion - Various practices of mental devotion - The qualities of the devotee - personal and impersonal devotion - Satwic, Rajasic and Tamasic devotion. The necessity of the knowledge - The stages of wisdom –The salvation with embodied state and with disembodied state (Jeevanmukti - videhamukti) –The differences in the stages of wisdom - The wise man and the God - The wise man and the universe -The wise man and the body - The antahkarana of the wise man - the results of actions of the wise man – The impressions of the wise man – The egoism of the wise man – The final emancipation of the wise man - The constant practice of knowledge - The consolidation of the paths of action, devotion and knowledge - The qualities of a liberated soul - The stages of the practiser.

Mind and the senses - Mind and the impressions - Mind and the six evil passions - How does the same mind constitutes either bondage or salvation - The yoga of unmindedness - The functioning of the mind in all states of wise man - In which state of ignorance the manifestation of God can take place.

The practice of the supposition of Brahman-The spiritual practices of all types and of all stages remain within the practice of the supposition of Brahman only - Plurality is bondage, one ness is the salvation-Doership is bondage and non doership is salvation - No physical practices are needed to attain salvation, only the maturity of supposition will do. The life associated with the state of Brahman itself is the salvation, itself is the worship of the Self - The extract of the entire knowledge of the Self is only to live in the state of Brahman and not to pronounce sentences of ignorance - You are in the state of salvation - You are in the eternity – You are the eternity.


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