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Founder president of the trust

Name : Brahmavadini Smt. Karra. Surya Kantam
Qualification : B.A., B.Ed
Date of Birth   : 14-1-1947
Occupation : Rtd. High school teacher, in Zilla Parishad, Visakhapatnam, A.P.India.
Address : Plot No. 20, Sector-12, MVP Colony,
Visakhapatnam -17.
Ph No               : 0891-2504151,2710309

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She was happened to experience the identity of her consciousness of ‘I’ with the personal form of Lord Krishna, Self luminous three quarters Parabrahman, all pervading formless Brahman, and with the indwelling Self of all beings, in her life.

The extract is that she was happened to experience all the states of pantheism both in personal and impersonal, viz. she was made to recollect the experiences of the great sayings like ‘Ahambrahmasmi’, ‘Tatvamasi’, ‘Prajnanambrahma’, 'Sarvamkhalvidam Brahma' and so on. Finally she was left remained in the state of she herself is Brahman, the indwelling consciousness, wearing the body of Surya Kantam.

In that consciousness only, the treatise of philosophy titled ‘Atmadarsini’ in Telugu consisting about eleven hundred pages was composed (by Brahman). A stream of knowledge flowed into her mind and emerged out in the shape of Atmadarsini with out any exertion. Prior to this composition, she had never gone through the philosophical treatises like Upanishads, Bhagavadgeeta, Brahmasutras and so on. More over, she hasn’t got any preceptor in her life. The actual consciousness of Brahaman itself composed this treatise utilising her body merely as an instrument. During the period of writing Atmadarsini, several spiritual experiences are happened to given.

The Yoga of action and the Yoga of devotion are made to practice by her in several stages in her life, so as to enable her to write Atmadarsini, a treatise of entire philosophy.

For the printing purpose of Atmadarsini and for other publications, discourses and recordings she has established a trust titled ‘Ahambrahmasmi satsang’ on 17-5-1999 on the Regd. No. 79/BK4/99 at Visakhapatnam.

From 1996 onwards she has been conducting discourses (Telugu) to the people desirous of salvation at Visakhapatnam, Hydrabad (A.P; India) and other places. She has completed 30 batches so far.

She has been composing classical kirtanas in Telugu on the entire knowledge of Atmadarsini’ under the title of ‘Jnana sudha’ (under process), which are recorded in her voice itself, since the aspirants can practice the knowledge in repetition pleasantly, easily, without any strain through the songs. Further their mind can practice constant identity with the Brahman through the songs, though their body is involved in the daily routine.

She has composed a sangeeta kavyam prior to the composition of Atmadarsini itself, consisting of 30 songs titled Manasa Brindavanam (which is nothing but her experience), which is recorded in her voice in six volumes. She has also composed the treatise Atmadarsini vol-2 in Telugu, consisting of 700 pages in which the act of meditation is discussed thoroughly following with visual aids. The final practice, which is to be essentially performed to attain salvation, is also discussed in detail in it.

She has also under taken the project of writing of Atmadarsini in English (which is under process), to dispense the knowledge to the remaining world other than Telugu.

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