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Manasa Brindavanam is a sangeeta kavyam consisting of 30 songs, which is a consolidation of Music, literature, devotion and philosophy and which is nothing but the experience of the author. The subject matter of the composition is identification of the Jiva with the Supreme. This composition is recorded in her voice in 6 volumes accompanied by Dhulipala Srinivas (veena), D.Nagaraaju (flute) Nemani Somayajulu (mridangam), Peri sreeramamurty (violin), and Pandu ranga (sitaara), the radio artists of Akasavani, Hyderabad and Karra. Subramanyam (Tabala). This composition is available in cassettes and CDs (MP3) also. The readers and the listeners of this composition can plunge in the stream of elixir of devotion to Lord Krishna and the Lord Krishna will establish certainly in their inner heart.

Note: The songs of Manasa Brindavanam are allowed to listen and download freely in the internet.


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Rs 50/- + Postal charges Extra


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