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So many acts of meditation are appearing in this world. You are the traveler, who doesn’t know the destination. How can be it possible to you to select an appropriate part? By reason there off only, in order to assist the aspirants like you this album of meditation (a multitude of photographs on meditation) is being presented to the world of aspirants. Being itself is the preceptor even to the most common aspirant, in the manner that can make the practisers perform the practice of meditation unto the obtainment of the final salvation, the album is portrayed.

Meditation is not limited to this present birth only. In the journey of the Jiva from several kalpas ago the act of meditation was commenced. Performing meditation in several births, in several stages Jiva has been getting itself maturity. The act of meditation that is attracted by you itself is the suitable way of meditation to your previous impressions (samskaras).

Having recognised your stage of spiritual practice and your destination, having selected the act of meditation needed to that, utilise this present birth successfully.

I hope that supposing this multitude of photographs itself as your preceptor, practicing each of the photographs one by one, all the pracisers can become the yogis of meditation and inturn can attain the salvation at this present birth itself.

O practiser!

The meditation itself is the ultimate.
This album of meditation itself is your preceptor of meditation.

This album is included in the treatise of Atamadarsini volume 2.


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