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Founder president of the trust

Name : Brahmavadini Smt. Karra. Surya Kantam
Qualification : B.A., B.Ed
Date of Birth   : 14-1-1947
Occupation : Rtd. High school teacher, in Zilla Parishad, Visakhapatnam, A.P.India.
Address : Plot No. 20, Sector-12, MVP Colony,
Visakhapatnam -17.
Ph No               : 0891-2504151,2710309

Spiritual Experience :

Born in an orthodox family and spent her youth hood with a spiritual observance.

Her father sri Nemani Jagannadham is a mark of Bhakti Yoga, Mother Smt. Seetaramamma is of KarmaYoga and Mother-in-law Karra Kanakangi is of Jnana Yoga. Her husband sri Karra Appala Satya Subrahmanyam is the bestower of highest co-operation in her accomplishments.

After a long period of spiritual observance in plurality, from 1976 onwards her mind has completely dwelt in the single minded devotion to Lord Krishna. After plunging in the stream of elixir of devotion to Lord Krishna for about a period of 18 years, Lord Krishna showered his benignity on her and gave her several pantheistic experiences (oneness with the supreme)

Trust :
A philosophical trust was established on 17.5.1999 on the Reg No 79/BK4/99 at Visakhapatnam, by Brahmavadini Smt. Karra. Surya Kantam.

Name of the trust: Ahambrahmasmi satsang,

Regd. Office : plot No 20, sec12, M.V.P colony,

Visakhapatnam -17.

Ph: 0891 2504151

Main objective:- To make the aspirants trust the great saying “Ahambrahmasmi” and to dispense the knowledge (Atma Jnana) to the people desirous of salvation through discourses, audio and video cassettes and CDs and the literature of the subject for the attainment of the final emancipation, without renouncing or changing their routine life style and with no necessity of any particular practice.

2. a) The trust has been created only for charitable purpose. The benefits of the trust can be extended to all persons belong to all communities, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or nationality.

b) The object of the trust does not include and strictly prohibit any activity for profit within the meaning of the Income tax act 1956.

c) First board of trustees are

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